Ch. Retro's Anastasio
Co-owned with Karen Huntsberger , handled by Curtiss Smith
Pomworth's Retro Stylin
Handled by Jeanne Henderson

Currently Showing in 2007
(Click name for picture)


Retro's Hanae Mori

Retro's Raine N Freedom

Finch's Retro Son of the Revolution
Breeder:Diane Finch

Clairmonts Magic Moments
Breeder: Lance Bryson
Owner: Elizabeth Grundwald

Pombreden's Top of the Line
Breeder: Barbara Breden

Pomworth's Retro Stylin
Breeder: Chris Woodworth

Renditions Betty Boop Of Retro
Breeder: Barbara Breden


Milagro Of Retro
Breeder: Home Bred

Pombreden's a Cut Above The Rest

Breeder: Barbara Breden
Owner: Jeanna Jameson


Dow's K-O Brutus Beefcake
Breeder: Diane O. Wuertemburg
Owner: Flint Mavis


Lindsay's Charcoal Cynders
Breeder: Lindsay and Jeanna Jameson
Owner: Jeanna Jameson

Look For Us In The Ring!!

We would like to dedicate this page to Retro's Amber of Lenette (Breeder Ken Griffith). She was a wonderful joy and will be missed.

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